Foundation of the Constitution

Foundation of the Constitution

Hello, U.S. Senators,

This is a quick reminder to all you protectors and defenders of the U.S.
Constitution. Our democracy is founded on the principle of proportional
representation.  In Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution it states:
“Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States
which may be included in this Union”.  In addition, it states: “Enumeration
shall be made…within every subsequent Term of ten Years” (the decennial U.S.

Take a look at the population figures below. Notice that the District of Columbia,
with a larger population than either Vermont or Wyoming, has 0 (voting)
Representatives and 0 Senators. The House of Representatives recently passed
H.R. 51, in favor of including the state of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth in
these United States of America, consistent with the principles that our Founders
established in our U.S. Constitution.

As you consider the inclusion of Washington, DC as a state in our Union, will you
hold to the foundational principles of our Constitution, do the right thing and
affirm their right to representation? Or will you instead act against those
principles which you have vowed to protect and defend, and vote to deny fair
representation to these citizens? What are your principles? What is your Word

US State Populations – US Census - 2019 Estimate - Under 1 million

            State                            Population                HR       Senate

45        Delaware                      973,764                     1          2

46        South Dakota           884,659                     1          2

47        North Dakota            762,062                     1          2

48        Alaska                         731,545                       1          2

49        DC                                  705,749                     0          0

50        Vermont                     623,989                     1          2

51        Wyoming                     578,759                      1          2

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