About Vision Arts

I am amazed and moved by the natural world: the power, majesty and scale of landforms, the intricate and fragile beauty of life forms, the inscrutable mysteries that guide the evolving expressions of Life on Earth. My sense of the presence and power of something greater than us developed during the times I spent on foot, deeply immersed in Nature. To be in Nature is humbling, inspiring and healing.

Long ago, we sought shelter for protection and survival, and we still do today, but within an encompassing environment built by us, suited to human priorities, isolated from our Source in Nature. Indoors, the natural world is out of sight and out of mind. We are caught up in a mindset of demands of human business, on a path of extracting and consuming  Nature beyond its ability to replenish.

It is my intention and hope that by making photographs of the ordinary and extraordinary marvels of the Natural world that I might contribute in some small way toward a sense in the viewer of a connection and affinity with our Source.

Perhaps we can overcome our short-term views and actions, the fear and greed that drives our relentless consumption and undermines the very means of our existence. Maybe a longer and deeper vision in touch with Nature can guide us to live in ways that are respectful and  sustainable with each other and with our Source in Nature.

Jack F. Brennan

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